Edward GRIFFITHS and Julia HUNT married 1841

Edward Griffiths and Julia Hunt: My 3rd Great Grandparents on my paternal grandmother’s side.

Edward Griffiths was born about 1807 in Manchester, Lancashire, England, the son of Edward Griffiths, an engineer, and Elizabeth Jones. At least, these are the parents named on his death certificate. I don’t know when he came to Australia, but his death certificate suggests around 1838.

Julia Hunt was born Belfast, Northern Ireland about 1825, give or take a year; she appears to be the third daughter of five children to John Hunt (flax dresser) and Catherine Ward (dairy maid)  Julia emigrated with her family on the 2nd June 1839, arriving in Sydney, Australia, on the ship Garrow.  The family, minus Julia’s sister Isabella, went on to Melbourne via the John Barry.   (I share Julia with my husband, she is his first cousin five times removed. Her paternal grandparents are our direct ancestors in common, making us sixth cousins.)

hunt john catherine arrival 1839

On the 28th June 1841, Julia and Edward married at St James Church of England, Melbourne, after Banns, both being single and of the St James Parish.  They would have married in the old wooden building which adjoined the half built  stone church not in use until the next year. Julia’s father gave permission for her to marry. The witnesses were Robert Crow (or Crone) and Ann Hunt, both of Melbourne.  They all signed their names except for Julie, and, because she was illiterate, she did not notice that the minister had recorded her name as Judith, though I have heard that Julia is considered by some as a diminutive form of Judith.

Julia and Edward produced thirteen children between 1841 and 1865. Only twelve children were named on both Edward and  Julia’s death certificates, as little Myra who lived for only seven days was forgotten.

Granny Griffith’s house

Edward died 5th February 1883, aged 76, at Glenorchy.  Edward’s occupation was given as a carpenter.  He died from dysentery after ten days of illness.  He was last seen by a Dr Bennett the previous day.  Son-in-law, James Templar, registered the death on 6th January.  On the 7th, Edward was buried in the Glenorchy cemetery, the undertaker being Thomas Lymer.  The service was conducted by Thomas William Armstrong, a Lay Teacher with the Church of England.   James Templar told the registrar that Edward had been born in Manchester, Lancashire, England and had been in Victoria for 45 years.  He said that Edward had married Julia Hunt when he was aged 35.  Twelve children were listed on the death certificate.

On the 20th March 1912, Julia died at Glenorchy, aged 88 years. Julia had been bedridden, blind, helpless and suffering from ‘Senile Decay’ for the past four years. A bout of bronchitis lead to her death. During this time she most likely lived with her daughter Christina (aka Julia), as it was her husband Benjamin Cooper who registered her death. Julia was buried the next day at the Glenorchy cemetery, the burial conducted by the Church of England minister.


1842 – Thomas.

1843 – Francis (Frank) and George – twins – were both baptized. This shows up in the NSW online index, but not the Victorian cd.  Frank and George are included on both Julia’s death and Myra’s birth certificates, ages indicating that they are twins.

Griffiths headstone1843 – George (the other twin), married Margaret Wake at Stawell in 1875.  Margaret, at only 26, died due to complications early on in pregnancy on 25th February 1883; leaving three sons George, John and Francis.  Margaret was born 24th January 1857 at Macclesfield, South Australia, the daughter of Anthony Wake and Mary Handyside.  At the time of herdeath George was a farmer at Warra Warra, the Shire of Stawell.  Margaret’s grave has a headstone, and she is joined by two sons, a grandson, and a daughter-in-law.  I have not found George’s death as yet.   Since he was only young, he may have remarried.

1846 – John Edward (aka Edward). Died Balranald, NSW in 1939, aged 94.  Gun shearer, general labourer, won the first wood-chopping competition in the Riverina (so he said). Married, two daughters, three sons. I am still looking into this family. He married Johanna Sinclair. A trees on Ancestry gives him different parents and birthplace, but his obituary says he was born Allendale and he is the right age to be MY John Edward.

The Independent (Deniliquin, NSW : 1901 - 1946), Friday 23 April 1937, page 4

The Independent (Deniliquin, NSW : 1901 – 1946), Friday 23 April 1937, page 4

Riverina Recorder (Balranald, Moulamein, NSW : 1887 - 1944), Saturday 11 March 1939, page 3

Riverina Recorder (Balranald, Moulamein, NSW : 1887 – 1944), Saturday 11 March 1939, page 3

griffiths john edward

John Edward Griffiths

1847 – Elizabeth, married William Curran and John Parker Wilson. Died Stawell 1936.

1849/1850 – Richard.

In 1850, Richard, Elizabeth and Edward were baptized at St Pauls Church of England, Melbourne. Their residence was noted as Allendale.

Griffiths Jas d1869

1852/1853 – James, died in 1869, aged 16.

1854/1855 – Blanche Rosetemplar james blanche Ann, married James Templar.  In 1883 when Edward died, James was a farmer at Warra Warra.  Blanche and James are buried in the Glenorchy cemetery in marked grave.  James died, aged 60, on 4th April 1911.  Blanche died 30th July 1926. They had at least seven children.

1856/1857 – Catherine, married Robert Crute (my great great grandparents.)

B (Bob) Crute

1858 – William, died 1858; birth and death both registered at Glenorchy.

1859/1860 – William Charles, married Hannah Cooper.

1863 – Christina Isobel Julia, sometimes known as Julia, married BBenjamin Cooper and Christina nee Griffithsenjamin Cooper, Hannah’s brother.  They had about 11 or 12 children.  Christina and Benjamin are buried at Glenorchy cemetery, both died in 1940.  Their grave is marked.  On our visit to the cemetery on Australia Day weekend 2007, by chance, we were fortunate to meet a grandson of theirs.

27th September 1867 – Myra was born at Glenorchy. The accoucheur was named as Elizabeth Griffiths, there were no other witnesses, nor a nurse. I do not know who this Elizabeth is, but could be the eldest daughter who did not marry until the next year. Edward stated that he and Julia were married on the 28th of June 1841, but didn’t say where. His occupation was a Carrier, and he was 58 years old, Julia being 40. The birth was registered on the 3rd October, most likely being the same day little Myra died aged at 7 days if counting the day she was born.

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