I photographed this Wattlebird in the flax flowers a few days ago. (Nikon D3000) These ones frequent the southern Australian mainland.

Red Wattlebird on flax flower

An immature Red Wattlebird, its red wattle is barely visible. Young ones have less yellow on their tummy, too.

Red Wattlebird on flax flower

As you can see, it wasn’t particularly worried about me.

Thanks for looking.


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Red Wattlebird


2 thoughts on “Red Wattlebird

  1. sueouzounis says:

    All the birds seem to go after the flax flowers. It’s a beautiful picture.
    Alec has gone to hospital, not looking good, just hope for his sake that it doesn’t drag on.
    Hope you have a great Xmas and hope you are able to move around again. We will be having a very quiet one with just myself, the boys & Julius.

    Love to you both,

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    • So sorry, Sue. My heart goes out to you and yours at this time. We’ve been able to move around for ages, just chose not to. Now, I’m waiting until I get my booster next month. C.


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