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Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge #74

So here I go again! Have I ever managed to attend three challenges in a row? Somehow, I doubt it.


The words Ronovan has put up for the prompt are Wolf & Cake

Again, I’m sticking to the Haiku in English style, with syllable counts of 5, 7, and 5 over the three lines. I’ve used synonyms in place of the word prompts – feast for wolf & dessert for cake. The haiku reads in two sentences, as required, and express an opposite (feast, consume, starve). Don’t read too much into it!

Feast on my heartbeat, consume love’s dessert: my soul.
Consume love’s dessert: my soul is starved of delight

The rose, pictured, is from one of three bushes I have flowering in my garden.

Have a good day.  🙂

Do you need to pick me up on cringe-worthy grammar?  I’m not sure about the apostrophe in love’s, or the use of the colon. (I can live with the actual haiku.)


20 thoughts on “Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge #74

    • Thank you, Janet. I try not to overthink it, just fiddle until it seems right. I’m enjoying reading others in this challenge, and thought to have a go. Thanks for dropping in.


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    • Ronovan has kindly kept me linked this week so I better tack on haiku #75 to this post! I’m very glad you liked this one, Ginger, I’m just new and enjoying the creation process. (No, of course I didn’t recognize you from your avatar – had to pop off to your blog and refresh my memory! If you had ‘likes’ enabled I would’ve pushed a few while there, but my visit passed without trace. Thanks for dropping in. Appreciated. 😀

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