Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge

Odd Ball Photo: Windmills

Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge: Week 22


This lovely photo was taken one Christmas, some years ago: the line of grandchildren form this family is both longer and taller. It is good how so much fun can be had with the least expensive of gifts.  No noses were hurt – the windmills were windmilling furiously, but only at an angle different than the ones held at in this photo.


22 thoughts on “Odd Ball Photo: Windmills

  1. Sue says:

    Don’t see you with one???? Aren’t they just the cutest. Where on earth did you get them, have only seen the little piddly ones.

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    • Hi Sue, we have a new variety shop in town; sells lots of interesting stuff including these windmills. They only cost a few dollars or so. Umm, the ‘new’ shop has been here a few years now. It’s like going to a market, all the stuff – pet beds and things, art and craft supplies including a huge selection of canvas boards, photo frames, notebooks, socks, underwear, kitchen stuff, figurines, gift cards, paper, ete, etc – all reasonable prices.


  2. I love these windmills. I used to always push one into my kids’ prams when they were little, they would keep them transfixed for hours on long walks or treks.

    One of the most fun, least expensive ‘toys’ I used to love for my kids was bubbles… kids can be kept busy and happy and active for hours with some simple bubble mix and a wand or better sill a big bowl or bucket of the stuff and all manner of implements to make huge bubbles.

    We live near the beach and there are all manner of attractions which eat money away and I used to be amused watching parents struggling to keep their kids away when mine would be frolicking around for hours oblivious to the arcades and amusements content to chase around the magical contents of a 50p pot of bubble mix.

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    • Hello Michelle, I’ve deleted your earlier one for you. Bubbles and beach, you are so right. I am so glad children do experience these things today, willingly. The last child to this family above (not in this picture) turned one this year and the party was in a park. Towards the end, when it might have been boring, the bubble bottles came out. The kids had fun chasing huge bubbles around.


      • Fabulous, we sometimes forget the simple things in life and kids seem to love the simple things so much. I’m glad my son’s been helping with the gardening it reminds me of when they were little and I’d let them have a container garden each and how they’d love to tend it rather than sit watching telly and how it taught them to respect nurturing and growing something and respectful of public parks and how I never had to stop them picking flowers or walking through flower beds. Bubbles are such good exercise too, really get them running around.

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