Sent from my windows phone earlier today. Since then I have reduced the size.  Click on it for a big image, but why would you? How interesting  are bins! It is a nice dirt road though.                          bins            I’ve added another, sharper, image. (Okay, I own up. I sent the wrong one . )

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Bin Day


7 thoughts on “Bin Day

  1. Sue says:

    Love the old timber lamp post, we have stark cement & rusty Iron “Stobie Poles”. What I can never understand is that you put the bins out and the are standing up perfectly straight, the garbo picks them up and “gently” places them back down, but they fall over, every single time.

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    • Our bins are most often left standing, Sue, it must depend on land levels. The lamp, an orange one, isn’t on this pole, it’s on a cement pole at the road intersection. Powercor are replacing the old timber, gradually, probably leaving it until just before they fall over. 😀


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