Cassie’s three kittens are growing. They already have distinct personalities and are much more trusting of me than their mum. Honestly, I didn’t think I had a favourite until I processed this picture. Adorable.

On Wednesday, we went to Bendigo, where I had an ultrasound on my left shoulder. The girl who did the scan showed me a bubble of fluid in the bursa. I damaged myself about six weeks or so ago when I shifted a small pile of bricks. I should have used the wheelbarrow but decided it’d be good exercise to carry one in each hand for the multiple trips back and forth.

I had my blood taken Thursday morning, covering all the usual health markers one gets checked at my age. I’ll get the results in a phone consult with my doc next week. My covid booster is booked for the first week of January. Mr. R. is getting his today.

We haven’t taken out the camper trailer since March 2019. Perhaps, once we’re both boostered up, we’ll venture out.

Can hardly believe the weekend is nearly here already!

Thanks for looking. Stay safe.


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How cute is this!