These purple flowers took ages to flower from buds. Talk about impatient!

I can’t remember the name and, after rooting around underneath the two lanky bushes, I couldn’t find the plastic tags. I know I took photos of the labels but … my PC files are like my house.

Anyway, the Small White butterflies love the thistle-like blooms.

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Small White


Some years ago, I planted three Red Hot Poker plants out the front. They sat there, all spindly as they grew, until they poked out a tentative flower or two. I gave them a bit of compost and, this year, they’re putting on a good display.

Last year (or maybe the year before), when I started turning my yard into a cottagey-style garden, I had various plants in pots sitting around. Some of the poor things had been potted for years. I had this spiky looking plant, like a pineapple top. I wondered if had planted a pineapple top. I shoved it in the garden. My method is to ignore any special conditions apart from sun or shade. Dig a hole and bung it it, water it, and tend it lovingly for few weeks. After that, my plants pretty much have to fend for themselves. If they cannot survive neglect, then they have no place in my garden.

(I can’t believe I’m actually deadheading marigolds, gerberas, gazanias and the gaillardia each morning.)

As my mystery (label-less) plant grew and grew, I guessed it was some type of lily — if it wasn’t a pineapple. Eventually, a huge Red Hot Poker flower stalk emerged. I have no memory of buying the plant, but I obviously did.

I love the way the flowers die from bottom up.

I just Googled to find out if I should deadhead.

I should.

Hmmm, thinking of secateurs, I had to buy another after misplacing a brand-new one. I have a bad habit of leaving tools where I use them. I’m trying to improve. Same with emptying the wheelbarrow. Nothing worse than transferring weeds and trimmings to the compost heap from a wheelbarrow half full of water! You’d think a person my age would know better. [sigh]

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Kniphofia: Red Hot Poker


Last year, I bought a little gaillardia plant on the strength of the picture on the plastic label. Not being familiar with the plant, I was unprepared for the breathtaking flowers.

Now, up to its second flowering season, it’s covered in the striking red-and-yellow blooms. Bees love them. I bought a second plant for the back garden, but didn’t read the blurb properly — turned out to be a dark red flower.

The bees seemed to be scarce at the beginning of Spring, but I’m gradually seeing more of them in the garden. Because of the wonderfully wet year, the gums are flowering profusely and I suppose that’s where they’ve been.

I was horrified this morning when I realised I’d forgotten to post yesterday. But you know I’m a ‘gunna’ person. It’s what I do.

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Gaillardia, and a bee.