Last year, I bought a little gaillardia plant on the strength of the picture on the plastic label. Not being familiar with the plant, I was unprepared for the breathtaking flowers.

Now, up to its second flowering season, it’s covered in the striking red-and-yellow blooms. Bees love them. I bought a second plant for the back garden, but didn’t read the blurb properly — turned out to be a dark red flower.

The bees seemed to be scarce at the beginning of Spring, but I’m gradually seeing more of them in the garden. Because of the wonderfully wet year, the gums are flowering profusely and I suppose that’s where they’ve been.

I was horrified this morning when I realised I’d forgotten to post yesterday. But you know I’m a ‘gunna’ person. It’s what I do.

Thanks for looking.


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Gaillardia, and a bee.


4 thoughts on “Gaillardia, and a bee.

  1. sueouzounis says:

    A beautiful flower. Have you thought about getting a hive or two. Woman up the road has some in her front garden and sells the honey. So much nicer than the store bought and you know it hasn’t been fiddled with, and it actually thickens when the weather is cold, a true sign of “real” honey.

    Don’t know if you have received my other comments from the other day. Your set up is a bit different to previously.

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    • Hi Sue, I deleted your first comments, and then your last ones were on a post I had somehow unticked ‘allow comments’ so went nowhere. I think what’s happening, from your comment and Crispina’s, when you get the email or view the blog, it has ‘sharing’ icons on the pictures. I don’t think it’s anything I’ve done, but a phone thing? I know those icons annoyed the crap out of me when I encountered them. but I managed to disable them on my tablet, but not sure how. So long ago, I’d forgotten their existence. That’s why, Sue, when you clicked on them, they wanted you to sign up or sign in so you could share. Anyway, I did fiddle behind the scenes, so maybe …

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  2. sueouzounis says:

    We’ll see what happens. Everything keeps changing, but they don’t make it simpler. You end up going around in circles as the person who makes up these things is computer literate but not smart enough to be customer friendly. They think everyone have no friends and spend most of their time on computers. Like a lot of Uni graduates, they think they are smart because they know what they are doing, but half the time they are wrong and don’t realise it, so they just go along their merry way. Brian keeps getting called in to Adelaide Uni to fix up stuff in the Archaeology Dept. The thing is they have professors who haven’t kept up to date and don’t realise it and they won’t listen, because of course they know it all. It still says I am logged in to WordPress so I am not game to change that. Do they get sick of you having their site open without you setting anything up?

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