Bees & Bugs, Sally D's Mobile Photography Challenge

A B&W Bee for Sally D’s Mobile Challenge

I’m wanting to get back to my favourite photo challenges this year, and also attempt some haiku once my revision frenzy is over.

To this end, I took this photograph for Sally D’s challenge with the Nokia Lumia 520 Windows Phone – both versions are cropped and processed in GIMP. I had intended it for nature week, but black-and-white week is already here!

Bee on a weed (Nokia Lumia 520 WP) B&W

Bee on a weed (Nokia Lumia 520 WP)


Sally D has an incredible photo again – Afternoon Light and Leaf Photomontage – and she has some clever word pictures to go along with it. The montage is best viewed full size.

Thanks for looking. Have a great week!



14 thoughts on “A B&W Bee for Sally D’s Mobile Challenge

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  2. well I see the bee in the cropped feature photo and it is cool – with the lines from the wings and fuzz…
    and the larger photo – where the bee is more subtle – but not completely lost – we feel the habitat and the two tall flowers have an artsy bend.

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