I’ve never grown French lavender before. Not really a fan, but when I saw pots on sale at my local supermarket I decided to get a couple of instant colour hits for my ever-expanding garden.

bee in French lavender

I thought I was going to lose one and cursed myself for getting sucked into buying supermarket plants. I persisted with watering and now it is thriving as are the two smaller English Lavender plants I’d already planted. I should have a go at propagating my old plant — striking cuttings are probably not that hard.

bee  in English lavender

I haven’t shown you a skipper butterfly for a while. Here’s one now …

Skipper butterfly in English lavender

Thanks for looking.


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4 thoughts on “Lavender

  1. sueouzounis says:

    Ha ha you got sucked in. With a bit of tender care it will probably come good. House around the corner had french lavender and it always looked scraggy. Down the road had the english lavender and it was much denser and the perfume stronger. I think they need a good prune each year to keep them compact. Alec cleared all the garden hear and put in that pebble paving. Out the front nature strip is grass, but what we were thinking of doing is putting fake grass in front of the 2 units. The grass has never been successful, the soil is very quick draining and it always looked patchy. We will probably do that next year when things are less hectic.
    Alec told the doctor NR, and she checked with me. Told her we discussed it when mum was in with her strokes and we agreed that being kept alive when there is no quality of life is not good. But it gets me, had calls from nutritionist (they are thick, NO he doesn’t want to have these thickened pretend food that taste like shit, NO don’t want to try the orange based supplement, he likes the Berri Orange and Apple Juice cups, still went on about this one is new and is very nice. OK its very nice, YOU have it. Then the occupational therapist, do you have:- toilet set, stairs, walker, shower chair etc. etc. so I just gave yet/no. People, wake up, he doesn’t have long left, and yes I know you have to look like you are doing something, but go and help someone who needs it.
    I’ll stop whinging now. I hope you and family have a great Xmas and that the New Year is a hundred percent on last year.


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  2. sueouzounis says:

    Hi Christine, my husband passed away yesterday morning. He had lung cancer and was given 6 months. He tried to fight it with alternative herbal medicine, vitamins plus the chemo therapy and immunotherapy, but it beat him.

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    • Bugger of a way to go, Sue.
      Have you lost my outlook address? I have emailed you a couple of times, but never heard back, I wonder if I have you blocked, as I blocked those facebook links that started a few years or so ago (which never went anywhere) as I thought they were spam or your account was hacked.
      Deepest sympathy to you and yours. I feel for your young bloke. At our age, we’re used to it. Stay strong, stay safe.

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  3. sueouzounis says:

    Thanks Christine. No I haven’t received any other messages from you. I tried sending a message to you once, but as you were a bit scarce on the ground last year I just thought you were tied up and hadn’t got back to it. Like me, if I don’t do it straight away I forget if I have or haven’t.
    Covid has restricted numbers at funerals. We are allowed 23, but Alec didn’t want anyone notified or anyone at the funeral, but what do you say when they ring asking how he is, so Covid has been handy.

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