Ever since the abelia started flowering, I’ve been on the lookout for the return of the Blue-banded Bees. They didn’t emerge from their burrows (or wherever they hibernate or hatch) until Christmas Eve.

And, like nearly every other year, I spotted a loner in the lavender first.

Thanks for looking.


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Blue-banded bee


I’ve never grown French lavender before. Not really a fan, but when I saw pots on sale at my local supermarket I decided to get a couple of instant colour hits for my ever-expanding garden.

bee in French lavender

I thought I was going to lose one and cursed myself for getting sucked into buying supermarket plants. I persisted with watering and now it is thriving as are the two smaller English Lavender plants I’d already planted. I should have a go at propagating my old plant — striking cuttings are probably not that hard.

bee  in English lavender

I haven’t shown you a skipper butterfly for a while. Here’s one now …

Skipper butterfly in English lavender

Thanks for looking.


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