Looking out across the farm next door, this morning.

Couldn’t see any kangaroos, just sheep and cows. I miss seeing the hay rolls dotting the hill.

We’re expecting 28° C today. I love the smell of my pine chip paths on these warmer days.

I fished this pic out of my recycle bin to show you one such path. I usually check my garden before feeding the cats. I don’t suppose I can call them ‘strays’ really, as they were all born either here or next door. They often follow me. After they eat, I barely see them. By making them wait, I get to enjoy their presence.

This part of the back garden is very much a work-in-progress. I intended Old Tom having a scratch as the subject, but the lens picked up Timmy behind the big rock. Yes, that’s Cassie.

I expect to remove most of the edging rocks as they become overgrown with plants, their job done.

Lately, whenever I mention Cassie to Mr. R., I call her Sasha. Now I have that name stuck in my head. Sasha was a grey cat, adopted when my girlfriend had to have her cats rehomed, some thirty years ago! The brain is getting lazy, methinks.

Thanks for looking.



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Summer morn


One thought on “Summer morn

  1. sueouzounis says:

    Was over 34 here yesterday, but today is 24 and showery. I watered one side of the front and was going to do the other side today but now I won’t have to.
    I think the brain is starting to get overloaded and needs a clean out of all superfluous rubbish. Or at least that what it seems like, takes a bit of time when I want to get a bit of information out when I want it.

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