Looking out across the farm next door, this morning.

Couldn’t see any kangaroos, just sheep and cows. I miss seeing the hay rolls dotting the hill.

We’re expecting 28° C today. I love the smell of my pine chip paths on these warmer days.

I fished this pic out of my recycle bin to show you one such path. I usually check my garden before feeding the cats. I don’t suppose I can call them ‘strays’ really, as they were all born either here or next door. They often follow me. After they eat, I barely see them. By making them wait, I get to enjoy their presence.

This part of the back garden is very much a work-in-progress. I intended Old Tom having a scratch as the subject, but the lens picked up Timmy behind the big rock. Yes, that’s Cassie.

I expect to remove most of the edging rocks as they become overgrown with plants, their job done.

Lately, whenever I mention Cassie to Mr. R., I call her Sasha. Now I have that name stuck in my head. Sasha was a grey cat, adopted when my girlfriend had to have her cats rehomed, some thirty years ago! The brain is getting lazy, methinks.

Thanks for looking.



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Summer morn


We saw lots of kangaroos on this walk, done 13th July.  We headed straight up the lane to the forest, direct, thus taking the main loop in the anti-clockwise direction. I didn’t take pics of the cows first, and there wasn’t a ‘roo to be seen in the farmland behind our place. Found them lazing near the forest, on the farm between it and the vineyard. (Nikon D3000 DSLR)


The mob dispersed, the closer we got to them.  I noticed some huge males which seemed to shepherd them into the vineyard. The vineyard is split in two, and they use that gap as their thoroughfare.

We continued on, past the alpacas.


By now, the kangaroos had crossed over into the farmland on the other side of the vineyard, across Barri’s Lane. There were some big male kangaroos.


The one in the foreground got up to have a look at us, walking the lane, but promptly lay down again.


Fast-moving clouds made the landscape change colours every second. It was very windy. Continue reading

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Kangaroos galore


It was -2 Celsius this morning. Wasn’t quite so bad when I took these pics early yesterday. (Nikon D3000)


The cows knew there’d be shelter under the trees.


Some kangaroos were thinking the same, methinks.


Thanks for looking. Take care.


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Frosty Morn: cows ‘n kangaroos