We saw lots of kangaroos on this walk, done 13th July.  We headed straight up the lane to the forest, direct, thus taking the main loop in the anti-clockwise direction. I didn’t take pics of the cows first, and there wasn’t a ‘roo to be seen in the farmland behind our place. Found them lazing near the forest, on the farm between it and the vineyard. (Nikon D3000 DSLR)


The mob dispersed, the closer we got to them.  I noticed some huge males which seemed to shepherd them into the vineyard. The vineyard is split in two, and they use that gap as their thoroughfare.

We continued on, past the alpacas.


By now, the kangaroos had crossed over into the farmland on the other side of the vineyard, across Barri’s Lane. There were some big male kangaroos.


The one in the foreground got up to have a look at us, walking the lane, but promptly lay down again.


Fast-moving clouds made the landscape change colours every second. It was very windy.


Some of the females have joeys (baby kangaroos).




We continued on, turning for home. A few ‘roos were now near our lane. These ones have joeys. The one on the right has a really baggy pouch, so its joey might be out grazing. (I must sneak up one day and get some joey pictures.)


Nearly home, when I spotted this one, on the other side of the lane which is unusual.


I took a picture of the cows, thinking I was done.


But those coloured sheep we’d seen ages ago were in sight – the ones I thought might be goats but weren’t.


I did take a pic of the back neighbours’ little dogs yapping at us, but I’ll save it up for a dog post. I’d hate to show an expensive dog (these aren’t) and then it gets dog-napped. Come to think of it, there’s no fear of that at the moment for we have a 24/7 police presence out front – one of the many checkpoints ringing metro Melbourne keeping people from leaving their lockdown area without cause. Mitchell Shire, just kilometres away,  is in the lockdown, too, as is the far end our side lane. Awhile back, City of Greater Bendigo tried to give our locality, Argyle, to Mitchell Shire but we all went crook about that. Close call, hey. We would’ve been back in lockdown, too.


Thanks for coming on our walk. Stay safe.


Agricultural, Wednesday Walk

Kangaroos galore


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  1. Sue says:

    Boy were you lucky not to be given away. How do you find it doing shopping? Be very careful, I carry sanitizer in car and slosh it on my hands and keys when I hop in the car. I can’t understand the stupidity and selfishness of people. If everyone stayed at home for a couple of weeks it would all have finished by now. Just be careful when you go anywhere, we lose our ability to shake all these bugs off as we get older, not worth taking risks.

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