A tomcat stand-off in a messy corner of my backyard. We don’t often see the other ginger male,it’s larger and younger.


Thanks for looking. Do have a good weekend. Stay safe.


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Tomcat stand-off


8 thoughts on “Tomcat stand-off

  1. I looked only BRIEFLY. Don’t like tomcats, even though I know we need ’em in order to have our beloved pets. It’s the smell, and the hideous yowling.
    Imagine if men were like that ! [huge grin]

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  2. sue says:

    They must use your backyard as the local gym, where they can work out their differences.
    Hope you are keeping safe, saw that a couple of Aged Care facilities, 1 in Ballarat & 1 in Bendigo have had Covid-19 cases. Might be a good idea to stock up on essentials before it gets much worse.

    Andrews seems to be at a loss with organizing things. Has to make a decision and stick with it, not keep putting it off. The people have to realize it’s because they insist on their “freedom to do what they want” that is making it easier to spread the Virus.

    Alec’s cousin is one of those idiots that is following the “Conspiracy” idea and that there is not really a virus it’s the government wanting to keep tabs on us. Also, the reason they want to immunize us is that they want to implant a micro-chip into everybody. She carries her phone with her 24/7, they don’t need to do that, she is doing it for them, and no expense in finding a micro-chip small enough to fit through a syringe & needle. Don’t think she has ever seen a needle close up.

    Anyway, both of you be very careful, none of us are getting any younger. I am just getting over a sinus/sore throat/cough bug and it’s taking ages.

    Love to you both

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    • Thanks Sue. Don’t listen to the media hype – it’s only been a bit over a week into the lockdown and the numbers will tell if the strategy is working or not. Andrews is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t and I’m pissed off with the constant media and opposition snarking. I heard his apology for our current situation – caused by the quarantine leak – but not one media outlet has shown that vision, I bet!

      I hope you feel better soon, Sue. It does get harder to shake things when we get older.


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