It was -2 Celsius this morning. Wasn’t quite so bad when I took these pics early yesterday. (Nikon D3000)


The cows knew there’d be shelter under the trees.


Some kangaroos were thinking the same, methinks.


Thanks for looking. Take care.


cows, kangaroos

Frosty Morn: cows ‘n kangaroos


11 thoughts on “Frosty Morn: cows ‘n kangaroos

  1. Anonymous says:

    Poor cows, they don’t exactly have a very thick covering. Saw all the “contaminated” suburbs that are going into lockdown. Keep well away. Don’t know how they enforce it, as there are side streets all over the place, they are basically begging the residents to take responsibility. Believe it was contracted from guards who were minding the hotel lockdowns.

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    • Yes, infection protocols were breached. Apparently the results of genome sequencing has just come in, from last May / June, which proves the outbreak stems from lax systems. A lot of finger-pointing, of course. I have no reason to go to Melbourne at the moment.


  2. sue says:

    Yes, keep away from the Big Smoke. Apparently some of the guards were getting “friendly” with some of those they were supposed to be keeping an eye on. I don’t think Victoria’s Premier is doing very well. Seems to be out of his depth. He was offered the service of the armed forces who had experience but opted for a private contractor. Silly man.

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    • I think the Premier trusted people too much to do the right thing. And there were so many complaints, and fear, when army personnel escorted people from the planes to the hotels. They felt they were being unfairly victimized. Perhaps that’s why he thought to take a ‘softer’ visional approach. Do you know, Victoria has a charter of human rights, and they have to be mindful of that – it’s why covid tests will never be mandatory in our State. Whilst Dan will take the fall, he wouldn’t have made the decision on his own.


  3. sue says:

    When did Victoria get a charter of rights? Never heard of that before. Honestly people can be stupid at times. They are too easily influenced by what they see and hear from overseas. They should pay more attention to “keep away from anyone who is sick” in other words “if you are smart you will stay home”. Having a bit of trouble with feeding those quarantined. They should do what they did in China, the people gave a list of supplies they needed and these were bought to the flats. Better than supplying meals and having to worry about everyones dietary requirements and getting it wrong. They are not crippled and can cook for themselves, just give them the supplies. Anyway, hope it starts to go down soon over there. Victoria has basically become an island on an island.

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    • Yeah, they got caught on the hop. Just had no choice but instant lockdown. Sounds like they’re working day and night trying to get on top of it. We missed out on lockdown by a couple of kilometres, we aren’t far from Shire of Mitchell which is also going back into lockdown along with all metro Melbourne for six weeks!


    • Human rights are protected under the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 (the Charter Act), which came into full effect on 1 January 2008.


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