Nikon D3000 SLR, on auto.

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More Skink Images



Skinks are one of my favourite creatures. Here are some photos I took at the weekend with the Nikon D3000.


garden skink










I expect these are the common Garden Skink. One kindly posed for me while I steadied the camera on a piece of wood. The others skurried into the wood pile.

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LEFT: The cold front rolling in yesterday
RIGHT: Early this morning

The cold front rolling in, 3 Jan 2015, afternoon

Early morning, 4 Jan 2015

Early morning, 4 Jan 2015










It rained a fair bit last night, no thunderstorms. I was leaning over the side gate to get the photo of that cool front rolling in and I don’t know what made me look down … there was our old friend the blue tongue lizard at my feet, though on the other side of the gate.

My heart didn’t even miss a beat.

Blue Tongued Lizard


WP_20150103_011Okay, I admit I was a little nervous. There was no way I was getting down to ground level for what would have been fantastic photos of his flicking blue tongue.  I thought he (she) might have been hot, so I picked up the nearest container of water and threw it over him. Maybe that slowed him down, as he appeared to be heading under the gate when he stopped in the gap.  That was the end of the photos.

I don’t know if it is the lizard from earlier in the year. I thought it might have been the one found dead out in the front gutter, some weeks after Vika grabbed it round the tummy … I prefer to think a bird had killed it.  (I resisted the temptation to take a photo of the dead lizard. )

Maybe I will get closer next time! I doubt it.