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Done fiddling, time to get blogging!

The title says it all, really.

2014 and a new year and all my usual new year resolutions are in action mode — promising myself to diet, exercise and to respond to emails faster.  Oh yes, and to keep in touch with family and friends. I mean in real touch, by phone or actually in person.

Maybe I could set my phone or computer up for those face to face calls, that would be an interesting experience, for sure. Hmmm, that is something to look into this year.

By the way, I do have friends, well … a few … several … just haven’t seen them much in the last 23 years. I haven’t actually bothered to make friends where I live now.  Sounds pitiful, doesn’t it? I know lots of people, and a few I could easily spend quality time with if I was actively seeking that sort of thing. I also have hundreds of cousins met during family history research.  Some are becoming friends and we will meet in person one day.

Okay, that will do for now.  Another normal new years resolution is to catch up on the gardening. I think I am winning the war to get every blade of grass and shrub under control. The rule is a wheelbarrow of stuff a day.  My compost heap is three metres long and a metre high at the moment!


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    • For some reason you suddenly noticed me, thought I said something sensible in your comments, and whacked me into your Top 30! I’m stilled stunned about that. 😀 That’s the spike in my stats – 163 views in one day.

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      • la_lasciata says:

        I can only surmise that people must’ve been hoping to be listed, and thus dutifully did as they were told.
        NOT !!! [grin]
        But when was this, again …?

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