#11 of 365

A pair of parrots have taken up residence by the side door. Sparrows, wrens, blackbirds starlings and willy wagtails are enjoying the relative cool in the shade — gone down to 40 degrees at 3pm. I have water there too.


A very hot crimson rosella


2 thoughts on “A very hot crimson rosella

  1. I miss seeing parrots in the trees. Where I live in Washington DC the only birds in my street are crows and pigeons. We get the occasional cardinal in our Japanese Maple (quite exciting) and seagulls often sit on top of the church at the end of our street (weird).

    I did the photo a day for 365 days a few years ago and loved it. Generally I would actually only take one photo so it had to be posted whether it was a good shot or not. I mostly posted them in “clumps” as I would not get around to downloading them or transferring them to my 365 Folder. I opened a folder on my computer just for the 365 shots and it’s cool now being able to go back and go through them as a slideshow.

    I still never leave home without my little Canon point & shoot in my handbag.

    I notice that not all your posts are open to comments. I’m not sure if that’s deliberate or not but thought I’d mention it.


    • Good to meet you too Aussie Emjay.

      The photo itself is pretty bad! During the four day heatwave two pairs of parrots lingered around our back door in the shade. The smaller birds sat under our car and amused themselves with picking seeds between the car and the water dish (a margarine container). I ended up putting a large dish out with a rock in it (for evaporative cooling) and the parrots sat on the rim. I have a wonderful video I took which I have yet to embed here.

      I spent the day trying to sneak up to the window and catch them all with the camera. Today begins another hot stint that will go into next week, I think.

      Your photos are wonderful and there looks to be lots of interesting reading on your blog. I wandered on to it from Margaret Rose Stringer’s blog and put the follow on so I could come back and do it justice. Many thanks for bothering to check me out. I tried doing the 365 once before but ended up fizzling out.

      As to the comments, thanks for bringing that up. I popped into my dashboard and unticked to box wanting comments closed after 14 days (seemed a good idea at the time!)

      Thanks, good to meet you.


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