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But not much writing yet. Just a little each day.  Changing my main girl’s character voice to first person narration is helping me get back into it and, hopefully, making a better tale. After all, I now know more about the plot than I did back two years ago when I began.  I do not plan, my characters are in charge. Anyway, I am enjoying the process and that is the main thing.

The best part: each session has ended with words added. No-where near the daily target of course: word count will only climb when I catch up to the last scene already in the system. It will be really distressing if when I chop whole scenes out and the count plummets.


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I expect to start rewriting my novel TOMORROW.

I have read through the chapters I had printed, then burnt it. I keep having the urge to write the point of view of one of the main characters in first person. I know it is not a good idea. It is not recommended that writers attempt it first time out. However, I have decided to give in to instinct. Instinct also told me to stop writing until I decided on an underlying theme. I ignore the instinct naming it crap.

Today the WIP (work in progress) stands at 70500 words. I expect to get as high as 120000 before I do the first edit:  a third of the story might well vanish during the tightening of the plot.  I’ve chosen the end April as the deadline to complete the First Draft. That works out at an average of 458 words a day which certainly sounds achievable.

My normal working method is to go over the earlier work and make it better before adding to it.  Well, I think I am making improvements!

Time will tell.


Yes, I am writing …


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    • LOL. Cruel to bring up my old words – finish by April and here it is November already! I did actually change most of my lass to first person, and then I changed back to third person limited again – until this week – when I began writing her in first person just for the one scene. Thanks for the encouragement, Susan. 🙂

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