Books on editing your writing.

I have lots of ‘how to’ writing books and these two have been really helpful. Both written by editors, so they know their business.

Self-editing for Fiction Writers arrived in my mailbox yesterday. I learnt a few new things to watch out for and I think I got a better idea about that showing v telling business. Also it has very helpful pointers about dialogue.

I have had The First Five Pages for a long time and I highly recommend it.  I know my current W.I.P. is the better for it.

I procrastinate (a real ‘gunna’ person – going to this, going to do that) and I have to stop spending so much time editing scenes while I am writing the first draft. I need to just get on with it, else it will never get done!

Now, I’m determined to write the afternoon today, no matter what. I will have to tell myself not to get hung up on the words used just yet.  [Tally: 76589]

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  1. Christine I had the same problem when I started writing! I would re-write and re-write the first chapter! I bet I spent 3 months just on two chapters! Now I just write outlines for the chapters the first time around getting the entire book done. Then I go back and expand on each chapter all the way through. Then I go back and write each chapter again. Then I go back and polish each chapter. Whew what a process! By the time I am done I either love it or hate it!

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