Cobwebbed dog

Doing a clear up in the back yard, haven’t been in the shed much this past decade! Vika had a blast in there, poking around in among the cobwebs.

She was so excited that she wouldn’t keep still for the photo, so it is a disaster. If you look really, really hard, you will see one eye, or maybe that is my imagination — sigh — it would have been a good photo.


3 thoughts on “Cobwebbed dog

    • Ha ha – the head! That IS an eye I can see. Once I located the black nose at the bottom left and a little bit of pink tongue to the right of that, the eye is quite obvious. My phone has a thingy that will take 5 quick shots and one chooses the best one, I have no idea why I didn’t think of using that. Okay Sue, I did worry for a second it wasn’t her head. 🙂


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