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catch up

I haven’t been on the treadmill much, still getting a bit of extra exercise cleaning up the backyard.

Yesterday I nailed down the loose tin on top of the shed (Mr R is pretty hopeless with a hammer, especially now he has only one eye in use). I pushed into a bit more wilderness around the apple tree and discovered the three drums/bins in among the long grass all held crushed rock underneath a thick layer of dried leaves. Must have been there all of  23 years, since we laid bricks near the back door. I had expected ash, so it was a pleasant surprise, thinking we would have to buy more crushed rock when we level up some of the bricks where they have sagged a bit too much.

Today I ducked under apple tree branches (which Mr R is going to  chainsaw tomorrow) and fished out six sheets of tin leaning up against the sagging back fence. I also chucked some timber away from the fence. Tomorrow or Monday, we will get on the other side, in the neighbours paddock, and push the fence up straight and secure. It’s only tin. I’ve already fixed the sections both sides of this bit, but there was too much weight pressing against it to straighten during that session.

I used the rescued tin (galvanised roofing) to hem in the compost heap. Mr R was getting rather alarmed by the size of it. It was getting hard to control since it was as tall as us! Put stuff on top and it was rolling down the sides. I told him he would just have to put up with it until it rotted down, and where else was it supposed to go. I also suggested that I might keep up with the weeding from now on and chuck stuff in when it is only two or three inches long instead of three feet.  (My mind still works in the old measurements.) Mr R is excellent with keeping on top of the mowing, maybe a bit pedantic some times, but only mows bits he can get to easily. He isn’t into weeding around trees or edges. Anyway, the compost heap is now about three paces long and half as wide. Maybe four paces long.  I still have to put one last sheet of tin in place tomorrow.

I’m going to plant pumpkins in it, when the time is right.

Anyway, my elbows are holding up excellently. I think I’ve already used the ‘two tennis elbows’ excuse for why I was so far behind. Out of sight out of mind. One cannot see the backyard from the computer.

And I swear my legs are getting firmer.

Speaking of the computer, I had one hell of a fright today. Windows would not complete the start-up process. Only the time, and a useless start icon, came up in the bottom toolbar and the hourglass kept on turning for ages — I’m talking over half and an hour. I kept pressing on the power button to turn it off, until I thought I might kill it. I eventually booted it with Linux on USB, and that worked so I knew it wasn’t the hard drive.

In the end, after lots of fiddling, I fixed it. Also, to my delight, I stumbled across the reason it starts itself up each morning at six am if the power isn’t turned off.  So now, no more noticing the monitor light on in the middle of the night and stepping in the dog food while turning off the power board in the dark.

I got into safe mode and restored it back to Tuesday. Then I gave it a complete scan but didn’t find any nasties and nothing added to the vault. The computer could have been installing or looking for updates, perhaps java which it has been whinging about wanting to update the last week. I deleted some active x things and a java something or other, both of which I’ll probably need later.

The first thing I did in safe mode, before the system restore, was to send my novel files to USB. It’s been a few weeks since I did a back up off site, as many as 4000 words might have bitten the dust.

My writing stands at 81,850 and I’m trying to do a scene a day. The most current writing book I’m studying suggests that is a good method, as you need a different frame of mind for each scene. I agree with that. I know I can wright write 1200 words if the scene is a long one, but most are shorter. I usually like to mull over the new scene overnight. I’m trying to talk myself into outlining until the end so I know where the story is going. I guess the end will just be a surprise. Maybe it will never end.

I left those misspelled words for you to see. I never used to make mistakes like that before. Now my brain will pluck out the nearest thing and send it to the keyboard while I’m not paying attention, thinking ahead in the sentence. I was mortified the first time I mixed up there and their without noticing. When my brain is real befuddled I can type pansies instead of petunias – go figure!  The vitamin B12 injections helped a lot, and so does getting more sleep.

Okay, that’s enough catch up.