14 thoughts on “I wonder what these plants are?

    • I’ve just now done looking at pictures on the internet, and by the leaves they are Hawthorn Berries ( Crataegus monogyna ). Apparently they only flower over a three week period. But then I found an Aussie weed guide put out by a Melbourne suburb council and it says they have their berries in summer. I’ll have to break one open tomorrow and see how many seeds/stones are inside.

      I’ll keep my eye on the bulbs and see what pops up there. The leaves are too thick for daffodils or jonquils and not big enough for agapanthus. They might be nerines. Time will tell.


    • Thanks Chris. 🙂
      The berries are certainly Hawthorn. The branches have spines, and the berries contain one stone, exactly as described in the council weed brochure.


  1. Am glad you found out about the red berries. The green leaves might be agapanthus. Is it a new garden Christine? I have nerines, which have a slightly darker leaf, I think.

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    • There are nerines next door I see, and as you said, the leaves are darker, and smaller too I think. I’m trying to recall if I have seen white agapanthus growing in this spot, which is by the footbridge at the end of our service road. I thought agapanthus grew in more of a large clump, but these probably started by lots of seeds together in bird droppings.


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