Raindrops on geranium


6 thoughts on “Raindrops on geranium

  1. I say, Christine, that’s a ripper of a colour ! I need two more geranium plants for my balcony’s hanging baskets – just pop ’em in the post, yeah ? 😉

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    • I only ever thought of it as red, but the camera phone (on close-up) has picked up this version in the sunlight. This particular colour is all over town, my original cuttings came from outside the doctors sugery.

      I suppose you have already plucked all available colours in your neighbourhood?


  2. I put this in the wrong spot M-R. 🙂
    Well, city life must have compensations for that, else you wouldn’t be there. 🙂 If I lived in a city I would rather live right in it, instead of a suburb. I eye off the regular RSL raffle prize home with the view of the bridge and wish! Though if we won, we’d sell it and buy something more modest, and have money left over.


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