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And Then Like My Dreams

Reblogged because Michelle’s review comes right from her heart and makes you feel you must experience this book for yourself. My copy of Margaret Rose’s book is on its way!  I got my new copy from eBay (Australia) and I have since discovered The Book Depository UK has it too ($A19.92 and free postage worldwide).

Breaking The Yo-Yo

One amazing thing which has come from this little (now extended) break has been an opportunity to read my fellow blogger M-R’s (http://margaretrosestringer.com) book And Then Like My Dreams (http://www.amazon.co.uk/And-Then-Like-My-Dreams/dp/1922089028/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1401407560&sr=8-1&keywords=and+then+like+my+dreams)

pres4I’m still feeling the pull in my chest from sobbing but I wanted to write a review now, I didn’t want to wait until morning.

“When I read I like to give the author my undivided attention, I like to immerse myself in the world that has been created and if that means holding back on something I’m eager to feast upon then so be it, the rewards are immense… if only I could be so disciplined when it comes to food.

If ever I was justified in waiting for the right moment it was when I resisted the temptation to dip just one toe into the life of Charles ‘Chic’ Stringer (The Stillsman) and his simply…

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  1. That’s GREAT, Christine ! – the word creeps on, blog by blog; and I’m tickled pink ! Well, she added hastily, only if the book is liked by all. 🙂


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