This mornings walk was cut short. Vika always carries her right back leg a bit – probably injured or something when young (I haven’t bothered to seek vet advice) – but early in our walk this morning she was running on three legs. I examined her paw, pushed some black stuff out of between the pads. When it moved I saw it was an ant, a big one. Poor thing. It has bit her and you can see she is not happy about it. I took her home and gave her some chicken to cheer her up.

My writing is going well. I have put a word count widget on the sidebar, so I can shut up about it!


Bit by an ant, poor dog


7 thoughts on “Bit by an ant, poor dog

    • Hi Sue, YIPPEEEEEE, your text isn’t all running together.

      Actually, I dropped the ant pretty quickly, and the grass is thick. She is okay now. 🙂


    • Hello Susan, you’ve found your way to my blog! Thanks for stopping by. Our dog’s name is Vika. (Cee has the website which runs a lot of the photo challenges I take part in.) ❤


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