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One Word Photo Challenge: Orange

I’m going  adventurous and give giving you more than one orange-themed photo today.  If you click on them, you will go to a larger photo. (and if you click yet again on the post page it will go full screen)

These butterflies were basking in the sunshine on a shawl on my clothesline a few summers ago.

orange butterfly

Glenelg, Adelaide, 2010

Glenelg, Adelaide, 2010

orange stripe dog

orange stripes

orange bee

orange bee … well, it is

a photo taken years ago, the reflection on the gutter was a fluke

a photo taken years ago, the reflection on the gutter was a fluke

orange butterfly 2

For this challenge at the blog of  Jennifer Nichole Wells


8 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Orange

    • No, probably shouldn’t admit it M-R. 🙂 The shawl is just an acrylic thing I picked up at Coles or Woolies years ago: it’s a baby shawl, not a throw over the shoulder one. Oh bother, the music has gone off, means it’s time to pop out to work for an hour and a bit, being Wednesday. (cleaning an office)


  1. I think these butterflies had something serious on their minds … I remember from having silkworms how they back up to each other for reproductive business … just like two moths I was watching yesterday … yours have gorgeous colours!

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