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Author Review: Smashwords’ Mark Coker

Reblogging this for those interested in self publishing. Smashwords is my intended route. 🙂 Christine

Added later: Smashwords does not offer print on demand. It makes sense to use Amazon and CreateSpace for that, along with an ebook for their Kindle market.

the starving artist

Secrets of Ebook Publishing Success and Smashwords Book Marketing Guide, by Mark Coker. Both of these are free ebooks.

MARK COKERMark Coker is the founder and current head guy at Smashwords. He started Smashwords when he and his wife had written the book Boob Tube, but–despite obvious promise–could not get an editor interested enough to publish it. He is now very involved in indie-publishing promotion and education, the entire process of Smashwords (which has grown exponentially the last few years), with writing self-publishing books and PR books, and in speaking engagements.

So what is Smashwords? It seems that many of you would know what Smashwords is, by the sheer number of their customers, and yet I rarely if ever hear anyone reference it like they do Barnes and Noble or Amazon. Smashwords is an ebook “printer,” retailer, and distributor, probably the biggest and most active of its type. I…

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5 thoughts on “Author Review: Smashwords’ Mark Coker

    • Certainly food for though, Barbara. They make it sound reasonably easy. One submits a Microsoft Word document, formatted to the Smashwords style guide, and they convert it to the different ebook formats (kindle, epub, mobi, etc).

      I must make a note in the post … the reviewer says Smashwords is a ‘printer’ but they are not. One has to make separate arrangements for having print copies – like CreateSpace. Amazon sells both book and kindle ebook, side by side. Either way, you still have to get one of those US tax exemption forms.

      I suppose it makes sense to publish on both. I’d want to have an actual book in my hands.


  1. I’m a complete novice and idiot about epublishing, Christine. Does Smashwords make it available through kindle, or is that a separate upload? And if you go the Smashwords and CreateSpace routes, but not specifically kindle, do both book and ebook appear on Amazon?


    • Hi Helen, Smashwords do not deal with Amazon – they did for a little while. Smashwords do all formats, including kindle. Well, you have to do the prep work. I’ll be using everything I can get my hands on! Just got to finish the novel first and then edit, edit, edit. We’ll all learn together. 😀 M-R has some experience with create-a-space, I believe.


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