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Warm sun, cold wind, today


10 thoughts on “Warm sun, cold wind, today

    • We are officially in the middle of winter here, Heather, but all the autumn (fall) leaves haven’t even finished falling yet. We just had a bit of drizzly rain and then the sun shone again. Wind is a little on the icy side. I love the hot weather, though I complain when it is hot. 😀


      • I think it gets hotter there than it does here (even though the humidity in Florida can be unbearable at time). I definitely miss winter right now. I’m sure it’s nice out over there. 🙂


        • I’m down in the south-eastern part of Australia, Heather, and it is colder here than further up. Today, in the shade, it is 8.5 degrees celsius (47.3 F) at 3.21pm. Brrrr! Yesterday, I don’t think it got above 4 or 5 degrees C. Florida is tropical, so more like the top end of Australia. 🙂


  1. No fair ! – the cold wind reduces most of the effects of the warm sun ! Still, it ain’t raining – though you can see it has been. Speaking of which, that’s how I feel. [grin]

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