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Sunday Stills: Lookin’ Through Windows

Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Lookin’ Through Windows – over at Cee’s.   Oops, not there at all! Over at Sunday Stills, of course! My first go at Sunday Stills challenge. I saw it at Cee’s.

For this week its anything that you can see thought a window…. and you have to show the window frame. Don’t crop out the frame its part of the challenge.

Only this first photo below includes the frame, though it cannot be seen.  All views are through this same window and taken with the Fujifilm FinePix A607.


Lounge room window.

[Edited later] I now have set things so the gallery will show in a carousel. Also added another photo I’d posted some time ago of the cockies.


15 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: Lookin’ Through Windows

  1. I say ! – wot is it about your place that brings galahs and sulphur-cresteds to your front garden ?
    But more importantly, HOW CAN YOU STAND THE ROW ????

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  2. Great photos Christine. We get the cockatoos and galahs, but I keep forgetting to take their photos. Occasionally we get the black cockatoos too, who come for the Hakea seeds.

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  3. Sue says:

    Since a neighbour chopped down their huge gum we don’t get the black cockies any more, the “kraak” noise they made was unbelievable, they were the ones with the red crest. Quite often we get galahs after the grass seeds in the park down the street and they swoop over, lovely looking birds. Your very lucky to have such a variety

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      • Sue says:

        Not sure, think they come from Kangaroo Island way, numbers are supposed to be declining rapidly. Really big, black, noisy creatures, beautiful when you see them sitting on the branches


        • One website I looked up says Kangaroo Island Black Glossy Cockatoos have only about 300 birds, producing around 20 fledglings a year, because of predators. They have a red band on their tail feathers, cousin to the Black Red Tailed Black Cockatoo. Females have a brownish head with yellow spots. Does that sound right? They used to extend as far as Adelaide.


    • I couldn’t get the camera quck enough when I saw this pair looking in like that. Usually they fly off at the slightest hint of movement. I even had the odd idea they were trying to tell me to bring out the seed. 😀


  4. Sue says:

    Think they may be the ones, their feathers were ‘glossy’ they were beautiful. Didn’t see them close up, the tree was about 40 high, rather silly for a suburban house, think they chopped it out so they wouldn’t have any branch drop to worry about. Beside their house was a R.O.W and if anyone had got hit it would have meant a big pay out.

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