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Remember this tree from the other day – the one with the pretty catkins? Well, I feel a real dill – it is an oak tree. I swear I have never seen these catkins before, even though I have lived here over twenty years. After all, I only started walking down that way since January. 😀WP_20140927_004



The snowball tree buds are gorgeous, like little xmas decorations! [By the way, I made up that name. It might not be a snowball tree at all!]
The street light was hooked back up to the powerline after 9pm last night. It was weird having it pitch black out front. Since it is an intersection it’s one of those orange ones.

Bad news, the elm tree has to be taken down to the stump, since it has both rot and termites.  On the positive side, this means our house will warm up more in summer – but that is a good thing, as we usually leave our windows open during warm days to warm the house up, even in summer. And light, we will have so much more light – we noticed that with every branch that has fallen. Three now, in less than a year with another looking a bit shaky.


14 thoughts on “Tree Talk

  1. they do look “like little xmas decorations!” and sorry to hear about your tree loss – but like how you look to the positive – and also I guess it is the cycle of lives – some old go and some new come in…


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  2. Lovely photos Christine, and glad to hear they’ve decided to take the whole tree down. Better safe than sorry! Our power was off for more than 24 hours, and has just come on again.

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    • Apparently it wasn’t set in stone until this afternoon. Before lunch a crew with a cherry picker turned up ‘to take the weight off it’, but by the time they went mid afternoon, confirmation came – it’s coming down.


  3. Coulda told yer that. Have grown sick of blowing my own trumpet, so don’t tell people stuff any more.
    You can tell me something but: what’s with these NUMBERS for post titles ?

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    • You… you … oh, never mind. I have no idea about the number business for post titles – but if my post showed up with one it is because I forgot to put a title on this post (first time!). In my inbox it is shown as “”. Please blow your trumpet with me anytime you like. ❤ I was thinking youse were all as dumb as me!

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  4. I, for one, had no clue what kind of tree it was. I just enjoyed those beautiful red ‘bulbs’ that did remind me of Christmas. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them before.
    I think I’ll go find an oak tree to watch carefully next spring 🙂

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    • I’ve just been reading up on them Joanne. Apparently the catkins are flowers, releasing large amounts of greenish powdery pollen hoping to catch a nearby female flower. So I better watch out! 😀


        • Sue says:

          Is it bluey coloured with needles instead of leaves, if so I think it is a blue spruce, one next door to us and when the bud thingies drop there is yellow all over the place, its about 40 feet high and doesn’t look very well, it’s roots send up a big node which swells then bursts open, again with a yellow powder going all over the place.

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          • hmmm – I’m not aware of any blue spruce in this area. I’ll have to start paying more attention. Usually in the spring I’m trying to avoid pollen at all costs – it’s my allergy season 🙂


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