Too heavy

Last bit, they thought it would go, but it was just too heavy! Ended up cutting two more pieces off. Taken this morning with my phone.

Yesterday it was taken down to just the stump and this huge bit of trunk. The elm was hollow right up the centre, but was still mostly solid at the base. It has actually suckered up the centre hollow!

Both rainbow lorikeets came to feed on my fence yesterday. Actually, they scared off the sulphur-crested cockatoo. I didn’t try to take photos, didn’t want to disturb them.


11 thoughts on “Too heavy

    • Probably contractors. The local shire lads wouldn’t be allowed to put themselves at risk like that! That sight is mindboggling M-R, though that tree wouldn’t make up one branch of our old elm! Thanks for that, wondering how they did it in your neck of the woods. ❤


  1. Sue says:

    Wow, what a difference. How many truckloads did they take away, looks like one log per load, comparing the truck to the stump. Do you know if they are going to replace it? You keep hearing chainsaws? maybe you have some Lyrebirds around. Did you get more for your firewood collection or have you decided to build an Ark with all that wood?

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    • They had a bit off it in that truck already. Then they cut two more huge rounds off the piece on the chain before they could lift it in. They had to call in another small truck and a backhoe thing. They used the jaws of it to pick up the smaller bits and one went into their truck and the other into the main one. We didn’t get more wood. Yesterday, the bloke up the road came with his son and were grabbing the cut up logs before the cherrypicker even came down! And he got them to empty the wood out of the truck on his block. He left us about five logs, but I got the big wedge cut from the main trunk. I’m making a huge garden ornament out of it. I’ll sand and varnish the front – sort of like a headstone for the tree. I doubt they will plant another – we are outside their town landscape planting area. The stump has to be taken out yet – so that will be relentless as they mulch it down with some weird tool they have. Ha ha – lyrebirds – you jest! No, it was just the bass in the music making noises in my ears. We’ll burn the wood easily next year, or the winter one after that. ❤


      • Sue says:

        Yes, it’s like a giant drill bit. pretty well grinds everything up and when the rain gets into it it helps it rot away. Sounds like the wedge was huge, should look good. It’s good to know it wasn’t wasted and a few people will reap the benefit.

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