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Jasmine: Sun ‘n Shadow


sun n shadowI took this photo a few days ago on the Nokia phone, wishing to capture the play of light over the jasmine blossom. It isn’t a perfumed jasmine, just a hardy version. I didn’t notice the fly until later.


19 thoughts on “Jasmine: Sun ‘n Shadow

  1. You have captured the the light and shadow on the blossom perfectly here, Christine. It’s a lovely photo. It’s very different to photos I’ve taken this morning in England. The land was white with frost earlier on and, naturally, it was very picturesque but very cold. Your photo makes me long for summer – and flowers like your jasmine.

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    • Hi Elizabeth. It’s hardy, frost resistant variety, and I didn’t know the difference when I bought it. Perhaps it isn’t a true jasmine. I just went out and stuck my nose right in, barely a scent! 😀


  2. Beautiful. I love jasmine, it’s so delicate and a beautiful clear white and smells devine, if scented. One year on a holiday on a Greek island we had it growing all around the pergola in our villa and I loved to just sit and catch it’s beautiful aroma on the breeze. Wonderful memories. Can’t even find the fly :S

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