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‘New Matilda’ article

I think this article from over at New Matilda is worth sharing:  The Only Terrorist Organisation Involved In The Sydney Siege Is The Murdoch Press Empire, written by Joshua Dabelstein

He says, in part …

“Terrorism isn’t about killing as many people as possible at once, or winning wars. Terrorism is about leaving a challenging, lasting effect. To borrow from Tim Winton, the lone gunman is no more than wallpaper — a meaningless benign backdrop reacting with the light refracted through the lenses of the real change-makers. This is a chickens and eggs argument, where we must ask ourselves what came first – repressive regimes stimulating extremist fringe movements toward violence, or extremist fringe movements stimulating our regime toward domestic and international repression.”


2 thoughts on “‘New Matilda’ article

  1. Sue says:

    I think the result of power from fear is to keep the followers hooked, so to speak, but the leaders/chiefs want wealth as well as power and don’t care who they sacrifice to obtain it, as long as they aren’t the ones to suffer.

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