Bees & Bugs

Bee, Red Rose x 5

Here are the other photos in this set I took the other day.  Enjoy.
All taken on the Nokia phone camera, on auto. (Images reduced in quality before upload, I don’t usually do that. First four cropped.)



24 thoughts on “Bee, Red Rose x 5

  1. I know zilch about taking picture. I can’t believe the clarity on a ‘phone’ camera. This one must be DARN good. The pictures are excellent. Lots of tight pixels. Awesome. I love close-ups. Never get this close in real life. ❤

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  2. I particularly like the upside-down nose-in one : )

    I noted someone else said what I had long ago–there IS something about your phone and the quality of its photos–it seems to beat my Iphone 5c hands down.

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    • It’s camera is really good on these close ups, and for scenery but absolutely hopeless if I want something (like a sparrow) about 10 feet away! I can’t zoom in and crop because the quality just vanishes. But for these bees, its great. But then it won’t focus if I get too close, either. 😀


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