Cockatoos galore.

About ten birds turned up. Some jostled for position on the fence, others stayed in the gum-tree.cockie1

cockie5I think the cockatoo in the middle is one of our usual visitors, from the proprietary stance. Now,  I discourage too many birds hanging about, so I didn’t hesitate to get closer to the window. I shoved the camera through the gap in the netting and off they went. The  two in the gum-tree were hardly fazed.

cockie4It wasn’t long before our regular bird came back. I waited, Nokia in prime position pressed to the window pane.

cockie2But  my finger moved of course, pressing the button … and they were all off across the road this time. I love this one of the three in various stages of flight.

cockie3Mr R says it is about time we invested in a decent water container, instead of using a margarine tub. I reckon he is right.  😀



33 thoughts on “Cockatoos galore.

    • Thank you Barbara, the celebration will not be for another week, but I’m enjoying my present – a Samsung Tab 3 Lite, for reading ebooks. Taken me days to work it out, but pleased I got it instead of a Kindle. ❤


  1. Sue says:

    Sorry didn’t realize it was your birthday, many happy returns. Gorgeous photo’s, he does look possessive doesn’t he. Doesn’t matter about the butter container, if it falls over it doesn’t break and you can easily replace it, though maybe ice cream tub would hold a bit more water.

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    • Thanks Sue, and oh heck, I missed Ivy’s birthday last week (another gunna moment, that was). The big 60, this time. I have a beaut old photo of sparrows all lining up to take turns bathing in ice-cream container. I’ll post it later. it was hilarious watching them queue up, splash and move on to the back of the line! ❤


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