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Blue-banded bee

There it goes! Driving me insane … I’m not satisfied with ‘normal’ bees now.
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I’ve found a great website giving hints on how to photograph them (as well as other info). Number one ingredient is patience. I’ve already worked out one needs to lay in wait at one flower and hope they land on it! I’ll try the camera and a tripod, I guess.


10 thoughts on “Blue-banded bee

  1. Sue says:

    Christine, you don’t need hints for your photography, you do a damn good job of it. The bees are amazing, didn’t know there were so many different ones. Will have to call you the “Bee Lady” from now on.

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    • Thanks Sue. ❤ I swear there were about 6 or 7 different types in the one plant today. Apparently we have about 160 different native bees and new ones are being discovered still.


  2. I had no idea you had so many different bees. Not that many years ago, we had warnings our bee population was decreasing. The price of honey shot UP.

    You don’t need any book to tell YOU how to take picture, Christine. You already are a natural. ^^’ 😛

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