Stray sheep

These two have been wandering around for a few weeks now. Between them and kangaroos, don’t need mow our front yard!


22 thoughts on “Stray sheep

  1. sue ouzounis says:

    It’s a wonder someone hasn’t decided to hv bbq. Mums brother used to hv a sheep that all the family would borrow, great lawnmower all right.

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    • I’ve decided I better report them on Monday, before they cause an accident. They run across the road, when it suits them, and trim the plants around the veranda of the house over there. hv? Goodness, Sue, you are resorting to text speak! That’s okay though, by me, but no doubt sending shivers up spines elsewhere. 😀 😀 😀 ❤


      • Sue says:

        I’m a naughty girl, my apologies. Mum’s sister and family were living with us while my uncle did his meat inspectors training. He was working at the abattoirs near the Flemington racecourse. Aunty Alma took all of us to pick him up one day. There was a big traffic jamb and when we got closer we saw the reason. The sheep had escaped from the abattoirs and headed straight for the racecourse and the lovely green grass. Only problem was, the slaughtermen (obviously had never been on a sheep farm) were chasing them, so every time there was any movement the sheep would panic and race off, back & forward across the road. Hilarious for us kids but not for the drivers banked up down the road, or the men chasing them. Yes, they can be a danger for traffic, maybe you could pen them in your yard for the weekend.

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        • And don’t we know-it-alls smirk to ourselves when we see people doing it all wrong! I counting myself in that category. I think these two have been captured, not seen them today.


  2. Your gardens seem to resemble a zoo, Christine. I can seee what you mean about the possibility of them getting run over, though. Entertaining while they’re visiting – and they evidently don’t mind being photographed! Nice pic. 🙂

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  3. hahaha – I actually snorted at your caption.

    If I looked out and saw kangaroos or sheep on my front lawn gnawing on my shrubbery, I’d be jumping up and down with excitement. You made it sound so commonplace 🙂

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