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It’s been incredibly quiet out on the fence these days. These photos are from the 26th of March. I believe the galahs arrived first, then the cockatoos. The magpie turned up to get a drink.

WP_20150326_003The magpie edged closer while the galahs and cockatoos jockeyed for position. WP_20150326_006None were prepared to back down … for long.

WP_20150326_008In the end, the magpie dashed forward, grabbed the container in his beak and wrenched it towards himself – spilling it everywhere. He flew off in disgust. The galahs weren’t far behind.



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  1. I’ve spent some time today browsing your posts and have enjoyed each of them. At the moment, I’m thinking “Birds” is my favorite because I love the creatures so, so I thought I’d take a moment to tell you so.

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