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A new day …

I’ve noticed my preference for giving you landscape images including signs of civilisation. This is no different: power lines and a set of car headlights. (not edited in any way) And let’s have a few bees, too. Have a good day! I will.

wp 20150404 018wp 20150404 024

ADDED LATER: And sunsets here usually seem a lot closer than the sunrise!



13 thoughts on “A new day …

  1. sue ouzounis says:

    I agree, could have sworn it was the sun setting. Great shot though. Can’t have too many bee shots. Have a great Easter, I’ve already started on the Easter Bunny (Lindt, yummy chocolate) I felt guilty as soon as I opened it, but I shared it with mum and Don.

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    • Have [a good] Easter Sue. I’ve managed to steer clear of chocolate so far, but I expect to get given a chocolate bunny tomorrow. [sigh] It would be rude not to eat it. 😀

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      • sue ouzounis says:

        I keep sharing the eggs & bunny, I’m just so weak. But I thought to myself, yes it’s rude not share in the festivities and also someone needed to perform quality control and I must sacrifice my waistline for a good cause.

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        • Hi Sue, the worst has happened – my Easter bunny chocolate came packaged with extra eggs – big ones – and then a nephew gave me a packet of chocolate gob-stoppers! [A big sigh] The latter 300 grams of chocolate has gone already. I’m hoping I can leave the bunnies unopened for six months! I’m sick of chocolate now, the thought of eating more just now makes me shudder. Time to uncover the treadmill! Got out of the habit with that when my knee was crook. ❤


          • sue ouzounis says:

            Aren’t you a lucky girl. I let Jaime take the last of the bunnies home. Now, during the week the supermarkets will have them marked down. Did I mention the hot cross buns, I just had to buy another pack the other day, oh no, why, why, why, they smell so good while being toasted. I have no will power at all.

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