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Another bird tale.

Late in the day, a few weeks ago.  I had not long put out fresh seed when the galahs arrived.  Soon our favourite cockatoo scattered the pink-and-grey duo. Not for long. I rushed off to grab the camera (Fujifilm FinePix A607) certain there was some excitement pending.


out my front window

But I was totally unprepared for a lorikeet arriving like a cat among pigeons! Both galahs promptly vanished and the cockatoo did a quick flutter but held his ground. The cockatoo strode aggressivley towards the intruder. The lorikeet raised his beak and stepped to meet the bigger parrot, sent him packing.


A second lorikeet arrived. My waving the camera while getting it beyond the curtain didn’t seem to bother them too much.


The cockatoo stayed up above, sulking no doubt, while watching the pile of rapidly dwindling seed.


Later, once the lorikeets had gone, the cockie came back down. But the lorikeet appeared and buzzed the cockie’s head, even though the lorikeets had finished eating. Brave, but bossy, birds. All was quiet on the fence for what was left of the evening until a magpie cautiously landed for a drink.

I had put my camera away by then.  Déjà vu.


17 thoughts on “Another bird tale.

  1. sue ouzounis says:

    What a woos. Obviously size doesn’t matter in the bird kingdom. Maybe if his mates were there as back-up things would have been different.

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  2. So much drama, I love it! I would not have thought that little Lorikeet would take on the Cockatoo but then again little creatures can certainly be sassy (ie little dogs). Good job capturing all these shots including the Cockie up in the tree. Lorikeets are shockingly beautiful IMO and I can’t get over that you see them out your front window!!!! Forgive me as I will no doubt repeat my astonishment. 😉

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    • Hello eLPy. I’m always gobsmacked when I see them, as I had never seen them here before, until last year. There never seems to be more than two pair at the same time in my immediate area, but the other week, when I stopped at the library in town, a whole flock of them were in a flowering gum tree – must have been thirty of them at least. 😮

      I had to go to your blog to recall the letter cases in your name, so I guess I’ll go make a cup of coffee and linger awhile. So many wonderful blogs that I am neglecting!

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      • 30 of them!!! Oh my goodness that had to be incredible. I hope you had time to watch them. I visited a bird aviary in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania years ago and they had an exhibit full of Lorikeets. They were so much fun to watch. Have I told you you’re lucky!? 😉 And now you have a front-row seat at home, awesome.

        Oh well thank you for visiting! It’s so easy to get behind with so many blogs out there. Last night I just started catching up on yours and hope to continue tonight (it’s late evening here). From writer to writer I’d love to have your feedback on some of my Writing 101 ‘assignments’. I’m way behind on those too but catching up (I’ve got 6-7 more to go!). Lol.

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        • Well, I have a tab open to your blog eLPy, but I’ve got to finish in my comments here before I do my actual real visiting. I saw that you are doing the Writing 101, so I have some reading to do. Happy to comment. I saw on my quick flyby that one of your characters is name Christine! It always feels odd to me when I see a Christine in a movie or in a book.

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          • Oh, I’ve seen videos of the lorikeets at zoos and parks eating out of hands, but I’d never seen a flock in real life before. I didn’t have time to watch them beyond half a minute and the light wasn’t good enough to make it worth trying to photograph.


          • Don’t I know all about ‘the open tab’! 😉 I’ve got four open right now and I really need to stop doing that b/c half the time I’ll never get around to all of them (sometimes over a dozen that are supposed to serve as reminders).

            I know just how you feel. Our name is our own, we have some ownership over it, even as we’re not the only people out there who own it! Funny how strange it can be to hear our very own name… 😉

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    • I’m pleased you enjoyed my photos Barbara. Like you, I thought the bigger bird would be boss, but I’ve seen the lorikeets be bossy twice now.


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