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The sunrise was worth seeing this morning.

2nd May 2015

2nd May 2015 … promising a gorgeous sunrise

This morning, taken with my new windows phone – a Nokia Lumia 530. The 520 began to get hard to turn on-and-off. A piece of the works where the on-button touches has worn out or broken off. Before that, I had problems with … well, actually, I can’t remember what my problem was … so I reset the phone. Ahh, that’s right, it wouldn’t auto-rotate properly. So I could never look at my photos without them switching around. Annoying. On the reset, that worked properly.

And yeah, there may have has been some confusion in my mind as to which actual model phone I had in the past! Nevertheless, the camera is probably the same.

When the 530 came up for a song I had to get one. It hasn’t got a camera side button and it’s tricky learning a new technique for holding it while I tap the screen. I don’t like it! But I do like being able to turn the thing on and off, mindful of not pushing harder than needed.


isn’t this just gorgeous?!

... and over to my left, the clouds blush ...

… and over to my left, the clouds blush …

My coffee was waiting so I came inside.  One last look from my front window. This room used to be a bedroom, but we took out the wall between it and the lounge – turning it into a large L-shaped living area.  We see more of the range (above) now that the elm tree is nearly gone.

... from my front window.

… from my front window

Later, on my walk, there wasn’t a hint of sun and now, just after midday, it’s not much better.


I’m actually going to knuckle down a do some writing today. I’ll resist the temptation to catch up on more blogs. I’ve managed to get around to a few this week, so expect me to call on you soon!

Have a nice day! 😀


19 thoughts on “The sunrise was worth seeing this morning.

  1. sue ouzounis says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. Mum said it looks like the sky is on fire. Don’t they say red sky in morning shepherds warning! Hope the day doesn’t disappoint.

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  2. Sunrise is one of my favourite times of day too, Christine — and this certainly was a great one! I’m toying with purchasing a Lumia phone, as well — my current, rather ancient, Motorola android phone is starting to have odd problems (like anonymous apps which turn themselves on without warning and then lock up the memory) so it’s good to see that you’re able to take such great photos with yours 🙂

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    • Thanks Paula. These photos were taken using the Bing Vision lense, the Lumia Camera lense wasn’t even downloaded until I did that just now. Maybe when I work out how far to hold this camera from the bees I’ll get them in focus. Lost my mojo there! I daresay the camera is even better on the later models.

      First thing I do on phone or tablet is disable automatic updates, and uninstall everything on the phone I don’t want. Another thing you can do is to set it so it can only update on wi-fi. I have wi-fi to only turn on manually – so many of these apps have access to all areas of your phone for little purpose!


      • How true, Christine! I leave both wi-fi and bluetooth turned off except when I actually want to either download an app or a book (wi-fi) or listen to a book in my car (bluetooth). Not only does this more than double the battery life, it also stops me being pestered by downloads of apps I just don’t want 😦

        But there’s still this mystery app which starts operating, without warning — and it locks up the CPU pretty much completely. Paul and I have the same phone and neither of us can find the accursed thing (and he’s a software engineer!) …

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        • What about location? Some apps keep track. Of course, if you turn your location off, you cannot track a lost phone. Oh right, it just sank in that Paul is a software engineer – well there you go then. Stumped.

          One word of warning about the Lumia, it doesn’t have a flash if you need one on the camera. Some models probably do.


  3. These were all beautiful, Christine, but I especially liked the one shot with your curtains. Had you asked me, I wouldn’t have thought curtains getting in the way of a sunrise could enhance its beauty, but your lovely lacy curlicued panels did.

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