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Curious Galah

From a day or two ago: I think the window must have mirrored, and the galah was looking for another bird.


12 thoughts on “Curious Galah

  1. sue says:

    I think he has got up the nerve to look at the woman behind the net curtain, next he’ll be walking in the front door just to see what you find so interesting.

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  2. Lovely birds to look at. I tried to take some photos of some black ones, but they flew too fast.

    Not sure why I wasn’t following you, I actually thought I was, but have remedied that now. 🙂

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    • You were, at one stage, I’m fairly sure of that. No drama, anyway. I’ve been messing about with theme changes and that might throw the odd wobbly into the WordPress works.

      I came up with a great idea with the bird photos. Yesterday I put my phone on video and sat it on the window ledge for twenty minutes after I put the seed out. Just need to pick some good individual shots out. The flying ones are just too quick and usually too far away for phone cameras to capture.

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  3. sue says:

    Next you will be putting cameras all through your backyard, like those wildlife photographers do in the wild. Hope there are no scary animals or bunyips out your way.

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    • You know, one of the hardware shops had a motion-activated ‘wildlife’ camera on sale, and I almost jumped at it. Ahh, regrets. Haven’t heard of any local legends. 🙂


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