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I’m having another ‘gunna’ moment …

This time I’m committing to the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge over the next two months. Run by Daisy Yellow Art, it seems more about the process than the result.

Since I’ve been itching to get back into some regular creative activity on a visual format, I think this will suit me perfectly.  I can get out all those abandoned scrap-booking supplies, poster paints, and pens. Gee, I might even have to go buy new stuff!

I’m going to follow the daily prompts, and have each card relate to my fantasy novel. I think it will help deepen my world building, since I will have to think about the things I wouldn’t have thought of yet.

How far do you think I will get? Starts tomorrow, though most people have already warmed up with their title card. [sigh]

And, by the way, do not be surprised if you see a theme change on here soon – the lighter text colour is really beginning to annoy me.


7 thoughts on “I’m having another ‘gunna’ moment …

    • Hi Sue, the Daisy Yellow girl says you can do a card in five minutes here and there if that’s all the time you have spare. The idea is to just do something without worrying about perfection. A motivational quote or two might pop up. I won’t abandon the writing. I’ve come this far!


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