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It was at least minus 3C last night – there was still a thin layer of ice on the bird’s water when I set out walking Vika just after 9:30am. By then it had warmed up to 2 degrees, and I thought yesterday was cold at four degrees!

It was bin day this morning – both recyclables and normal rubbish. The lids provided a cheery splash of colour.



Nearing midday, it is almost 8C. Our woodpile is rapidly dwindling. When the galahs came today, I tried to get a photo with their crests up. Those white feathers on their heads can be erected when alarmed, showing flashes of bright pink underneath. They nearly obliged.  These shots are cropped quite heavily, so quality isn’t great. All four photos taken on the Nokia Lumia 530 windows phone.



I’m pulling the internet plug now … things to do, and all that.

Have a nice day.


11 thoughts on “Bins & Birds

  1. Always a pleasure to see the chubby little galahs 🙂

    I’m impressed by the coloured lids on the garbage bins. That would sure make garbage day easier if ours were coloured too. I’m always trying to puzzle out which bin goes to the curb.

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    • Trouble is there are two colours for general rubbish now – red and yellow. The blue lid has ‘recycling’ written on it, makes it easier if I have a mental block. 🙂 I love the galahs.

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  2. It’s cold here, too, Christine — about the same temperatures as yours, I think. We’ve been worried sick about our last calf, Ruby, who is still only just over three weeks old. But she’s thriving on mother Rosie’s massive milk supply and running around like nobody’s business …

    Hardly any birds to be seen around here at the moment. Have they all flown north for the winter?

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