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Looking in the kitchen window

This sulphur-crested cockatoo sneaks about – he is quiet and it’s weird when they glide about without screeching! He/she is checking where the seed is on a little table for the sparrows. The other day I surprised him on top of the car. I just happened to be at the kitchen window with the camera when he landed this morning.


15 thoughts on “Looking in the kitchen window

    • Some of the crests look smaller, maybe the females are a bit daintier. They make themselves look fearsome when they land. They can inflict a nasty bite, as I found when my grandma’s cockie enticed me to put my finger in its cage. 😀


  1. sue says:

    Jaime took Julius to the Big Rocking horse a couple of years ago and guess what Julius did??? Exactly what you did at your grandma’s. He’s never forgotten it.

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  2. We used to have just black cockies in the wild when I was young and were always thrilled when parents took us to Hobart as there was a white cockie in a cage at a fruit shop there. he used to squawk some words out. Now we hardly ever see a black cockie, almost all white ones. I wonder why that is? maybe the white species is stronger than the back in breeding?

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    • Same here, hardly see black ones, but I did see a small flock fly by a few months ago. If one hadn’t screeched, I might have thought they were crows. I just looked up some info, and they appear a bit fussy with their nesting hollows for which they compete with galahs and feral bees. And then they incubate only one egg. Four of our five species of black cockatoo are endangered. Loss of habitat and lack of food are the main culprits. Grandma had a cockie-stand and a small chain attached to the cockie’s leg, but she’d keep him in the big cage when we visited. He used to talk all the time. He’d scream out ‘time to bring in the cows’ and would sound just like grandma. I loved that cockatoo. 🙂


  3. sue says:

    We used to have some with Red crests that used to visit from Kangaroo Island. Since they chopped the big gum tree down we haven’t seen them. Particular on what they feed on. Lot noisier that the white cockies.

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    • Apparently possums prey on them on Kangaroo Island! Possums! who would have thought … slap hand to the forehead … maybe they mean the eggs or hatchlings.


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