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I finally noticed the timer function … hard to take selfies with a only a back camera on the phone.

Another day wasted when I should be writing. 1000 index cards arrived yesterday – I could have been outlining the next books.

And yes, the theme has changed. Trying to make it more mobile friendly. Must reduce image sizes and do a new menu.


23 thoughts on “Selfie

  1. Wow! I love you with long hair! And your eyes are fabulous. You look like a hippie, Christine. Someone totally comfortable to hang out with.

    I just learned from Sue’s comment we’re about the same age, too (I’ll be 60 next year.)

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    • I always thought you were decades younger, Babe. I actually wear my hair in a ponytail in public, or twisted up messily on top. I turned 60 in February.


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