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On my front fence today …

The sulphur-crested cockatoos, of course. Just the three, today.

cockies1aug15acockies1aug15aacockies1aug15ccockies1aug15bcockies1aug15The one on the far right is muddy from ploughing up the ground, getting onion-weed bulbs, roots or grubs.

(Taken on the Nokia Lumia 530 windows phone.)


6 thoughts on “On my front fence today …

  1. Ha I couldn’t help applying “talk” to each photo today.
    No 1 “You guys keep watch while I try this”
    N 2 “I think its going to be okay”
    No 3 “I’ll just wait until I see if they get a tummy ache”
    No 4 “Everyone for themselves now!”
    No 5 “If they’re going to argue, I;m keeping out of it!”
    {Hope you don’t mind the captions, Christine} Enid

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    • I’m really determined to get them a birdbath this summer, Carol Ann. I’ve never seen them bathe in puddles like some of the other birds do. Maybe they take wash in the creek not far across the road from me. I love it when the sparrows have a dip. One year, about a dozen of them lined up on the fence, taking turns diving in and out of a small ice-cream tub. I must ferret out those photos.


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