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Synchronicity: Liquid Story Binder XE

I really love it when synchronicity strikes.

aug2015 nokia520plotcards

Now my 71 scene cards have coloured edges: new writing (green), heavy rewriting (red), and light rewriting (black).

Today, despite having already moved my manuscript over while trialling Scrivener, I purchased Liquid Story Binder for half-price. How good it that! Instead of just over 62 Aussie dollars, I paid $31.11.

I originally settled on Scrivener because it was cheaper. But, at the back of my mind, I was still bothered about the lack of a built-in timeline. I’m used to having a timeline, from all the years using the free yWriter5.

I decided to have another look at Liquid Story Binder. Could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw the 50% off promotion. No messing about with a trial – I did one years ago, anyhow. I jumped right in. Paid. Downloaded. Registered. Now I must move my manuscript again. Not quite procrastination, but very nearly.  There will be no stopping me now!  😀

aug2015 nokia520jonquils

And on a different tack …

Some of my jonquils have been flowering for months, but these are just starting. I couldn’t decide which photo to give you, so here are all three. Taken on the Nokia Lumia 520 windows phone, the one with the macro. I love the silky texture of the petals.

aug2015 nokia520jonquils3 aug2015 nokia520jonquils2Sorry about the wattle post, a few days ago. I sent it from my phone, but the text didn’t go with it. I explained I wasn’t checking in until after I finished analyzing my plot. Thanks for your comments, they are always appreciated.

Next step is to write from the last black index-card, as if all the previous green and red cards have been already done. Once I’ve written the end, then I’ll go back to the start. I’m getting really excited. I’m learning to how to side-track my Muse when she starts composing blog posts, instead of helping out with scenes.

I just better not let myself be side-tracked by Liquid Story Binder’s bells and whistles.

Cheers   🙂


8 thoughts on “Synchronicity: Liquid Story Binder XE

  1. sue says:

    Yes, Jonquils are a lovely dainty flower, especially compared to the more robust daffodil. You were very lucky to get such a bargain, doesn’t happen often, does it.

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    • I’m stoked,Sue. I often have such luck. Never win the lottery though! The only ones we go in now are the Queensland RSL monthly property draws. One day. 🙂
      I only have one daffodil. It’s over 25 years old (I didn’t plant it) and it doesn’t always flower.


  2. My daffies are only about 2 inches through the ground here in Tassie though I have seen some non-daffies out in bloom. I like the daffies best as I think they are more regal. They have to stay outside though because of sinus problems! Maybe your 25 year old one needs to be divided?
    Good luck with whatever that “gadget”is you have just had a bargain buy with!

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    • The 25 year old is only one bulb, last time I looked. I probably weeded it for the first ten years. 😀

      The ‘gadget’ is a novel writing organizational tool – for keeping writing, and related web research, images and audio under control. I’m gonna love it, and won’t be able to resist getting into my writing stint straight after walking the dog. A good thing. I might even get my fantasy novel done this year. 🙂

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  3. Sounds as if you’re getting really organised Christine. I’m glad you found what you wanted for half price. Your bulbs are gorgeous and the perfume must be wonderful too! Lovely photos.

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    • I’m finding that able to put images on my writing screen really helps get me in the mood to rewrite each scene. I’m in the right head-space now, as waking up during the night my first thoughts are related to my story. It’s seems a really long time since I had that original fixation. I’ve discovered LSBXE often have these half price sales, so it’s a wonder I hadn’t got it before now. 🙂

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